Uncover cutting-edge blade tech and insights into the future of wind power

28 - 29 November 2023 | Marriott Renaissance Hotel | Amsterdam

We’ll explore the latest advancements in blade technology together with the brightest technical experts and most innovative companies in the industry.

Discover tools and strategies needed to overcome industry challenges, connect, and establish valuable partnerships for your business.

Key themes

Predictive maintenance and proactive repairs

Delve into novel approaches to blade inspection, maintenance, and repair, including automation, drone-based inspections, and predictive maintenance algorithms.

Extreme weather

With extreme ice storms affecting areas such as California and wildfires spread across Europe, it is vital that we explore how new technologies can mitigate the effects of severe climate conditions on blades.

Blade circularity

The lack of sustainability in blade materials prompts the question: can circularity be achieved in the future, and what are the latest advancements in recycling and repurposing of blades?

Bigger blades

Is bigger always better? The design, installation and transport of bigger blades can mean bigger problems - join us to understand how scaling blade size can impact on your ability to get the best AEP.

Artificial intelligence

In a world where Artificial Intelligence (AI) is at the forefront of technical innovation, join us as we assess some of the major challenges and concerns regarding the use of AI in the wind industry.

Leading edge erosion

With edge erosion still a fundamental issue for wind owners and operators, discover the challenges and latest innovations in protecting blades against leading edge erosion, such as advanced coatings, aerodynamic modifications, and erosion-resistant materials.

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