Why are you sponsoring Blades Europe?

With so much focus on blade maintenance and health at Blades Europe, we see this as a great way to show the industry that MISTRAS supports wind energy and is dedicated towards helping them maximize the uptime and productivity of their blades. As a pioneer of acoustic emission (AE) technology, MISTRAS has decades of expertise and proven, verified, and validated AE technology that we’ve used to monitor critical assets in other industries, including bridges, tanks, piping, and more. Using that same proven AE tech, the Sensoria® wind blade monitor is a game-changer to help the wind industry streamline blade integrity management.

What are you most looking forward to at Blades Europe?

We’re looking forward to hearing directly from wind O&M personnel to hear the challenges they face every day, like striving to achieve net zero across European regions, and the ways the Sensoria® wind blade monitor can enhance their blade integrity programs. As the number of turbines that require inspections continues to grow, it will be difficult to satisfy that need with traditional practices. A remote condition monitor like Sensoria® and its validated AE technology, provides actionable data to keep blades running efficiently. This helps to transform blade integrity programs that rely on fixed blade inspection schedules and reactive maintenance activities to be more proactive and data-oriented.

What will you be speaking about?

We’ll be presenting a pair of presentations to help wind blade operators maximize their operational output and to gain a better understanding of their blade’s performance. The first presentation offers a glimpse into the future of what wind blade monitoring may look like given the advances in artificial intelligence (AI), while the other is a panel discussion that identifies effective ways to help you extend the life of your blades.

What can people hope to gain from Blades Europe?

With the world relying more and more every day on wind energy production, owners and operators need solutions that help maximize the uptime, performance, and reliability of their wind turbine blades while reducing their overall costs. That’s why we think this audience will be interested to learn more about the ways that Sensoria® can help them, as it’s an AE-powered technology that is specifically geared towards their biggest inspection and maintenance challenges. As the industry continuously look for ways to achieve the coveted net zero benchmark, Sensoria® is positioned to serve as a key solution to help keep your blades running in the most efficient way possible.

What can we expect from Sensoria® by MISTRAS this year?

The interest we continue to receive proves that the industry, especially in regions across Europe, not only wants, but needs, solutions for reliable fleet-wide wind blade integrity management. Sensoria® has already proven itself as a reliable, trustworthy blade management resource that has the capabilities to help the European wind industry continue to expand. In 2024, we’ll continue to enhance the technology’s defect detection capabilities and the data that we provide to users to help them maximize their blade uptime and productivity.