Why are you sponsoring Blades Europe?

Blades EU provides us with a valuable opportunity to connect with our current and potential clients. Participating in this esteemed blade conference allows us to engage with industry leaders and innovators. We’re excited to take part once more and showcase our commitment to the industry.

Which key topics are you excited to hear about at Blades Europe?

Several key topics include but aren’t limited to:

  • Autonomous Drone Inspections
  • Internal Blade Inspections
  • Lightning Protection System
  • Predictive Maintenance

What will we be hearing from you?

Blade inspections at offshore wind farms have long been a formidable challenge. The reliance on industrial-grade drones for these inspections comes with a host of logistical complexities, from procurement and transportation to the shortage of skilled pilots.

But what if there was a way to eliminate the need for industrial-grade drones altogether?

That's precisely what we'll explore: a revolutionary approach that leverages advanced AI technology to enable wind farms to conduct inspections using easily accessible off-the-shelf drones found in hardware stores or online marketplaces.

Join us as we present case studies illustrating how this innovative approach not only streamlines the inspection process but ensures high-quality data collection for the early detection of potential blade issues.

What can delegates hope to gain from this event?

Blades are a substantial investment and are crucial to the smooth operation of wind turbines. Blades EU offers a unique opportunity to gain invaluable knowledge and insights from industry experts on best practices for safeguarding these vital assets.

What can we expect from Nearthlab this year?

Nearthlab is poised for an exciting year ahead, driven by the success of NearthWIND Mobile, particularly in offshore contexts. We're eager to showcase its real-life impact and effectiveness through in-depth case studies.