Blades Europe Forum, 18 - 19 February 2020

Mark Forrest

Blades research leader
ORE Catapult

Mark is the Blades Research Leader at ORE Catapult with 20 years of R&D experience in Materials Science and Engineering, having worked at Universities, Commercial and Governmental research organisations. In addition to Industry, he has worked in a range of Industries including Aerospace, Defence, Health, Motorsport and Marine, and is well placed to bring a diverse range of approaches and knowledge to help realise the aim of reducing the Cost of Energy of Offshore Wind energy. Leading a team of Senior Researchers in Structural, Material and Aerodynamic and Manufacturing disciplines, he guides research projects across the value chain, from Universities, SMEs to OEMs. He specialises in Composite materials, with an emphasis on low-cost, out-of-autoclave methods.