Blades Europe Forum, 18 - 19 February 2020

Arthur Pecher

Product Manager
Siemens Gamesa

Arthur is responsible for managing blade upgrades for the installed wind turbine fleet. This covers a variety of upgrades that enhance the energy production and/or durability of the blades. Most of those upgrades are specifically developed for the SGRE fleet, while some can as well be applied to any oOEM blade. The most recent relevant product release is SGRE’s aftermarket leading Edge Protection, called PowerEdge® Care.

Arthur specialized into Sustainable Energy Technologies, after his engineering degree. He gained extensive experience in research and development of wave energy converters (including a PhD) before joining SGRE. At SGRE, he was first started as responsible for the design of the bedframe and yaw systems in a new on- and offshore windturbine. He then moved to the Service Product Lifecycle Management department, becoming the product manager for blade upgrades.