Blades Europe Forum, 18 - 19 February 2020

Meet the Speaker: Thibault Gouache

About the Industry 

One of the big themes of this year’s event is transitioning from reactive to predictive maintenance, why do you think this is such a challenge for the industry? 

It is a key issue to go to predictive and not reactive because it enables to repair small defects before they develop into larger ones and not repair the small defects that never evolve. These allow to save down-time and huge repair budgets. 

However, this is not an easy challenge. The difficulty in blades is that we are learning to manage 40-50m blades that we are already producing 60+ m blades and inspection and repair systems are changing very fast. That is why you need to build coherent data-bases that are able to intake data coming from any inspection system as we do at Cornis.

What do you think are the top 3 challenges facing the wind power industry, and in particular blade community, at the moment?

For me the top three top challenges of the wind industry are managing data correctly to be able to take good operation and maintenance decisions, managing data correctly to make better retro-fit and design decisions and managing data correctly to make better business decisions.

About the Event

Why is the topic that you are speaking on important to you and the industry?

Our industry is in competition with coal and oil and gas. Today those industries do not pay for the environmental damages they generate. This enables them to offer low-cost energy. For us to be competitive this means we need to be even better than if we were playing on a faire ground with these other sources of energy. 

So we need to optimize everything. Production optimization based on wind measurements, market prices, etc. is done on a day to day basis. However optimizing operation and maintenance based on data needs to be much better done. To do so you need properly structured inspection and repair data. That is what we are going to talk about. 

What other session on the agenda are you looking forward to attending and why?

I look forward to all sessions, they are always high level and very interesting ! I particularly look forward to “Evaluating Established Inspection Strategies Versus New Methods of Inspection: How Can You Optimise Your Inspection Toolkit?”. I strongly believe that the future of our industry is in a portfolio of solutions to inspect blades and a centralized data base. This has been our approach at Cornis from the start.

About the Speaker

How did you come to be in the wind power industry?

After my PhD in the space sector I wanted to continue to work on high level technology that had project time-lines that were faster than the space sector. I also wanted to contribute to a sustainable future. For me the wind sector was a natural go to. 

What industry/sector would you be in, if you had not joined this one?

I did my PhD in the space sector. It is a fantastic industry : great technical challenges, great human projects and huge stakes on the sustainable future of mankind on Earth, so I would definitely be working there had I not fallen in love with wind energy.